unique christmas costume ideas

5 unique Christmas costume ideas To Look Fabulous This Year

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The best time of the year is just around the corner. Oh yes, it’s CHRISTMAS coming up! From snowfall to decorating trees, making big family meals to opening up presents – everything wonderful about Christmas. And amidst all this, we need something cute and pretty to wear.


Christmas calls out for family parties, and to cherish parties with your loved ones, all you need is a cute outfit to slay in. We know how panic women can get when it comes to dressing up for parties, so don’t you worry, because we’ve got your back.


wwe Shop, an online clothing brand, offers you a wide range of Christmas costumes that you’ll love to wear amongst your friends and family. Make sure to wear something that’s unique, classy, and eye-catchy.

Unique Christmas Costume ideas

In this article, we have 5 Unique Christmas costume ideas that you’ll need to look fabulous this year. Start digging in.

1.    Sparkling blue

Let this Christmas be sparky with blue. Go with the trending monochromatic blue outfit and stand out amongst the crowd looking glamorous! Pick out a blue bootcut pant with a cropped blue top featuring a deep neckline. Accessorize this look with a pearl necklace and studs, and last but not the least, wear up your blue fur coat to look royal and stunning!


2.    Winter white

White can never fail to embrace you with elegance, grace, and decency. This Christmas, let white be your color to go with. Go with a sleek white dress, featuring a front deep neckline, sleeveless sleeves, and a backless back. Match it up with a white wool knitted sweater and knee-high boots in white. Oh, and don’t forget to get your hands on a white cross-body bag, white earrings, and some statement rings.


3.    Classic red

Red, the color of love and Christmas, is just the perfect choice to go with. How about, pairing up a red turtleneck sweater, with black leather pants and combat boots? To keep yourself warm and cozy, put on your black trench coat, and don’t miss out on your leather gloves. Hold onto your black purse, leave your hair untied, and get those diamond studs to make you look ravishing.


4.    Floral set

Are you mentally skipping winter and going right into spring? Well, if that’s the case, then wearing a floral set for a Christmas party is what you need to get your hands on. Wear up a floral midi dress, with opaque stockings and knee-high boots. Put on your leather jacket and keep yourself warm and cozy, as you walk down to the street holding hands with your loved one. Put on your finest jewelry to look subtle and adorable.


5.    Glam it up

Are you having a fancy Christmas party at work, and your crush’s going to be there too? Well, then you better get your hands on something glamorous and sparkling, right? Put on a maroon velvet dress, that is shoulder down and has a slit cut at the right thigh. Get your heels out of your wardrobe, and your sparkling purse to go along. Wear your diamond cut spiral-shaped earrings and a simple chain that sits on your collarbones. Put on some red nail color, with a bold lipstick and adorable blush – and there you are, all set to glam up at the Christmas party.



Christmas is the happiest time of the year, and it should be fun for all of us, rather than being a burden of spending big bucks on costumes, gifts, and arrangements. Let this Christmas be a reason to laugh, smile, and make memorable memories with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!


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