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4 Memorable Ways to Make Your Wine Cellar Ready For the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is around the corner and you are all set to give the final touches to the preparations. Along with all the other things at home, it’s the perfect time to make your wine cellar ready for holiday entertainment. Whether you are planning to host a Christmas dinner or a soiree to remember, keeping the collection of wines ready is the key to the celebrations.


So, it might just be another occasion to go on with wine cellar restoration in Houston.  If you are passionate about wine, there must not be any hitch about extending the storage space to make it holiday-ready. All you need is to dedicate some space for ease of drinking and of course sophisticated storage for your vintage collections.

Taking a stock

Before you go ahead with the revival of the existing storage, taking a stock of your collection is necessary. Open the cellar to check each storage rack and find out what you already have. You may look for the following:

  • Are there bottles you want to share with your special guests?
  • Is your collection versatile enough to suit different tastes and temperaments?
  • Make sure you have enough bottles to organize the celebrations

When organizing the cellar and discussing the restoration with experts, you need to cater to the following:

  • Move the bottles you plan to use for the party to eye level and make sure they are easily accessible
  • The collections you are not using in the holidays need to move up higher and stay out of sight
  • Be sure to make the restoration design serve as the visual cue so that you know what is stored in your area

How to make your wine cellar holiday-ready?

If you are in the party mood and already searching for the best home wine cellars, here is how to get started.

1.     Look for vintage racks

Are you thinking of designing a rack that sits against the wall? Why don’t you go vintage when designing the cellar to create the classic holiday feel even if you are living in a modern home?

2.     Create a doorway seal

If you are a wine connoisseur, you surely love your collections and the storage. But make sure the temperature inside the cellar is consistent and conducive to the quality of the wine. Choose doorway seals to create a vibrant living area and make it paramount. Keep in mind:

  • You choose tempered and double pane glass to ensure that the inside remains chill and allows you to view the timeless collections from the outside.
  • The door must offer 100% UV protection
  • The doorway seal must be weatherproof.

3.     How to use a mirror?

Are your eyes fixed on luxury home wine cellars with mirrors? If you truly need to make the cellar the cornerstone of the room, a backlit mirror should be one of the finest ideas to leverage. While the mirror reflects all the lighting your room has, it offers you the opportunity to make the display interesting. Moreover, the cellar looks bigger than the actual one without expanding the space. If you are looking for ways to accentuate the look of the beautiful collections, mirror displays work fine. At Wine Cellars of Houston, we offer collections of cellars that are a feast for your eyes and complement the holiday season.

4.     Lighting up the cellar

Lighting up your home wine cellar is a very significant prospect as light destroys the quality of the wine. Does that mean that you will have no options to experiment with lighting? Do not give up hope for the holiday season decorations. Use halogen light bulbs or other light sources emitting low heat. Plus, you can illuminate the surroundings to replicate the holiday spirits and fervor.

  • Use wall sconces to elevate the wall against which you build the cellar
  • Backlighting makes the shelves and racks impressive
  • Installing a traditional chandelier on the ceiling may rev up the entire room and make it the perfect décor object for the holiday season.

Along with the best wine cellars in Houston TX, you must not forget to create optimal space for storing the accessories. Decanters, glassware, and wine openers need to stay handy so that you don’t forget them during the last-minute rushes. For wine lovers celebrating the holidays is just another excuse. With a bit of planning and expert assistance, you can make the storage holiday-ready with ease.

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