Renting Out Your Condo

Things You Must Know Before Renting Out Your Condo for the First Time

You have heard so many times about the benefits of renting out your condo. But you need to know that renting a condominium is different than an apartment. As a first-timer renting your condo unit, understanding the rules may be tricky. So, don’t just feel excited about the money you are going to earn; instead, […]

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Summerland houses for sale

Know the Do’s And Don’ts of Buying Land to Build Your Dream Home

Finding your dream home is not going to be easy. From scouting online listings to participating in open houses, you explore a lot about communities and neighbourhoods but still come back empty-handed. Well, it might be that you are more comfortable investing in vacant lands and building homes. If you are keen to know the […]

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unique christmas costume ideas

5 unique Christmas costume ideas To Look Fabulous This Year

The best time of the year is just around the corner. Oh yes, it’s CHRISTMAS coming up! From snowfall to decorating trees, making big family meals to opening up presents – everything wonderful about Christmas. And amidst all this, we need something cute and pretty to wear.   Christmas calls out for family parties, and […]

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Leather Jacket Sale

Trending Colors and Styles in the Leather Jacket Sale 2022

Leather jackets have been a wardrobe essential for more than decades now. But as you think about leather jackets, does it always have to be black or brown, and just boring as everyday wear? Not anymore now! Let’s make this royal apparel a reason to feel lively and young again!   Leather jackets have been […]

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