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Strike a balance between your wants and needs in your custom home

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It is natural for every homeowner to become overwhelmed with feature-rich custom homes when designing their own. Building a custom home indeed comes with several prospects. So you are often lost between what you need mandatorily in your new house and the luxury features you need to pick and choose. So, how do you start? What should your priorities be when you decide on the design and features of your home?

There is no denying that you need to talk to a custom home builders Vancouver first to know what you need right now and the things you can save for later. If you follow the right approach, it will surely surpass your expectations.

What are your needs in a custom home?

What is it that qualifies as a must-have in your custom home? What are the features you must have in your custom home? You must consider the following:

  • Your budget and lifestyle
  • Family size
  • Age
  • Your preferences
  • Climate

Once you grasp your needs and wants, it is easier to prioritise. Initially, you can move on with the essential features and save the rest for later. For instance, if you are living in an area with extreme summers and winters, your home needs to be energy-efficient. Similarly, if you are planning to raise a family, make certain areas of the house kid-friendly and high-traffic areas more accessible for everyone.

What are your wants?

Are you dreaming to make your custom home luxurious? Consider the recommendations of construction companies Vancouver to know what is right for your living and what you may discard. Accordingly, you may have a wine room, or separate spaces for horses, if you are an equestrian.

Here is how you need to balance your needs and wants when building a custom home and deciding on its features.

·         Work with a realistic budget

When striking a balance between your needs and wants, you need to pay attention to a realistic budget.  But that does mean that you need to set your budget over your means to pay or, which may mean cutting corners at every portion of your home. Create a moderate budget and line up your finances to get surer about how far you can go with the planning. That way, you will find it easier to secure the loan and know what you will qualify for and eventually avoid delays.

·         Do not think beyond needs in the design phase

Once you know what your needs and wants are, start focusing on the design phase. During this phase, you need to prioritise your needs over your wants to the highest extent possible. Be sure that the features you pick are necessary to meet your day-to-day living requirements. For instance, a large bathroom or a kitchen may qualify as a need as well as a want. So, you can have them redesigned during home renovations Vancouver when the budget is a primary concern. You need an experienced builder to help you during the design phase. Roadhouse Homes is a builder and a renovator to help you prioritise your needs and wants. With years of experience, they will help you keep a balance between your needs and wants when you finalise your options during the construction and design phases.

·         Deciding what is most important

You often differentiate between wants and needs but do you know how they change if you have a large family? If you are planning to live comfortably, you will need your space and the pleasure of having aesthetic features around. Well, all you need is to analyse the budget to accommodate your family’s requirements. If your budget does not permit, pick space over aesthetics. Consulting with builders in Vancouver will yield better outcomes and decide what is more important “needs” or “wants”.

·         Make lifestyle-based decisions

Using the home differs from one family to another, so your custom home design will expectedly depend on your lifestyle. Therefore, you need to decide what your lifestyle-based needs and wants are. For instance, you may need a bigger kitchen island to accommodate more seating options to create more defined spaces, if your lifestyle is way up and you have the budget for the best home renovations Vancouver.

Just because you do not need a specific feature does not mean that you cannot have them. Don’t worry. You are not giving up your wants but focusing on your needs and leaving the wants for later. As far as your custom home design is concerned, the architectural styles change from year to year. Similarly, flooring, countertops, and cabinets also go out of style often. So, when constructing a home, ask the custom home builders Vancouver to deliver what lends value to our property and begin with the essentials first and wait to add more zeal to it later.


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