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Why Should You Get RTA Cabinets for Your Brand New Kitchen?

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Planning your kitchen can be daunting. There is more that goes into it than you can think of.
Setting up the kitchen can be expensive at present time. This is the reason many
homeowners are opting for the DIY approach. However, cabinets can be difficult to develop
and install. So, the best choice is to choose an RTA cabinet set.
With time, RTA cabinets are becoming more and more popular. They have been designed
for easy and quick assembly. Even if you plan on hiring a professional installer, these
cabinets come with fewer requirements and will cost you less money.
Here are some of the reasons we think you should get RTA cabinets wholesale for your

1. You Enjoy More Flexibility

Your RTA cabinets wholesale aren’t the same as your stock or pre-made cabinets. it is
because you have a better choice in terms of styles, configurations, materials, and colors
when it comes to RTA cabinets. You will be able to order them in a certain configuration that
matches your kitchen layout.
Even though they are not personalized as custom cabinets, they are flexible. RTA cabinets
can be compared to Legos. You have the option to choose each component of the cabinets
to make sure it is customized as your new kitchen décor.
Once you get the cabinets, you can assemble and install them when you want. All in all, it
offers more flexibility and freedom in comparison to pre-made stock cabinets.

2. They are More Affordable

If you search the market, you will learn that custom cabinets are expensive. No doubt, they
look amazing but you also end up paying double the amount for them. RTA kitchen cabinets
give you the same look and feel.
Custom cabinets use high-quality materials and include a custom design process. It means
you might have to wait for a long time before you even get to see the cabinet design.
Custom cabinets range in price from $500-$1200 per linear foot. In case you have a large
kitchen, the cost is soon going to add up. While RTA cabinets range in price from $175-$400
per linear foot.
Hence, you can save a lot of money. With the money that is left over from the cabinet, you
can get the countertop upgrades.

3. Easy to Install

If you are on a tighter budget, you will have to either install the cabinet all by yourself or get
someone professional who knows their way around. In case the cabinets are ready to be
installed right from the start, the labor cost will be much lower. You can assemble most of

the units with simple items, such as nails, hammers, screwdrivers, etc. There are many
resources over the internet that will help you understand how to install the cabinet. The
manufacturers also provide a manual along with the cabinets. You should use that, too.

4. A Convenient Option for Your Kitchen

One of the best reasons to use RTA wholesale kitchen cabinets is that they are the most
convenient option for your kitchen. When you are setting up your new kitchen, there are a
plethora of things that you have to worry about and your cabinets shouldn’t be one of
them. When you get RTA cabinets, you can put them together within no time. The whole
kitchen setup process is simplified. So, you will encounter no trouble assembling them.
Since they are available in different designs, you can get the one that suits your kitchen

5. Saves a Lot of Time

It is a time-saving endeavor as the cabinets don’t have to be custom-made. Customized
kitchen cabinets might take several weeks to be completed. RTA discount cabinets are
generally in stock and ready to be shipped unless you require any modification. In case
some adjustments are to be made, the order won’t take long to be processed.


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