Swaying Palm Tree yoga Pose

How to Perform Yoga Pose “Swaying Palm Tree “

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Pose Type:

Standing, side bend

How to Perform the Swaying Palm Tree yoga Pose by the best teacher, Complete procedure

1. Begin by standing in Mountain Pose, with hand on side.

2. Inhale; step your feet slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart with toes facing forward and feet
parallel to each other. Expand your chest and hold your arms straight out to the sides, parallel to
the floor.

3. Exhale as you side bend to the left, dropping your left hand either to the side of the left thigh or the
left shin. (Avoid putting pressure on the knee joint.) Bring your right arm overhead and bend it at
the elbow.

4. Inhale as you rotate your chest up to the sky; do not collapse it forward. Feel the deep stretch on
the right side of your torso as you look toward your right hand.

pose 01


5. On your next exhale, try to reach your right arm over your head with fingertips pointing toward the


pose 02


6. Hold the pose for at least 30, and up to 90, seconds to receive the full benefits of the
stretch. Exhale as you release the pose. Inhale as you press strongly into both feet to come up.

7. Exhale, come back to Mountain Pose (Tadasana), and repeat on the left side. learn more about yoga

8. Eating raw food is best for weight loss along with Swaying Palm yoga Pose.

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