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These simple and inflexible Antibacterial floor mat can remove foot odors. Add your favourite cleaning products and the germs trapped in the shoes will be saturated with the boots. By polishing the floor and carefully removing footwear, it is possible to reduce the transfer of germs from shoes to the floor, thus reducing the potential spread of infection generally through contact with the floor. 

Antibacterial floor mat

Antibacterial floor mat, as well as the drying mat, could be an excellent tool for exiting shoes that are not wet and avoiding slipping in the sanitizer solution. Business sanitization disinfection floor mats are highly recognized for spreading out at the entrances of residential and commercial buildings and are now 100% inevitable.

Footwear disinfection trays are best for any environment where footwear is mainly used to get the service, and another fabulous advantage is that the shoe disinfecting tray has a scraper surface to clean the soles, too. Furthermore, the creative design of the tray allows the use of the sanitizer solution, which thoroughly disinfects footwear; therefore, germs, bacteria, viruses, or other contaminants.

The shoe wall sanitizer has hundreds of abrasive cleaning ribs that clean the dirty soles of your footwear. Still, the sanitizing process is not limited to just these cleaning elements, even though it contains a disinfectant solution at its base that helps decontaminate the sole of the footwear and not only removes dirt from it. 

Because table mats are sanitized from feet in the industry and are easy to use, besides their direct practical purpose, they have gained increasing popularity. They are used to prevent overwhelming amounts of contaminants from entering non-contaminated spaces.

The Entrance Shoes Disinfectant Mats, also known as the shoe sanitizing tray, have several advantages. The shoe sanitizing tray, commonly called the entrance shoe disinfectant mat, offers several advantages.

 Advantages of antibacterial floor mat

  • Able to blend with the majority of chemical foot bath solutions
  • Grater effect on the inhibition of an infection’s propagation.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Easy to clean and lightweight.
  • Provides a UV shield to protect this yarn from being influenced by ultraviolet radiation.

Heavy traffic floor mats and shoe disinfectant mats can be placed on: 

  • Education Facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Food Service
  • Office
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Gyms/Recreational Facilities

Our industrial entrance mats keep your floors clean, and only shoes and boots, the worst enemies of harmful bacteria and microbes inside a food production facility, progress with deep cleaning. Walk into the foot and floor sub, merge harmful germs, and pin the bacteria in a disinfecting solution. Despite being deadly, footwear disinfection sanitizing footbath mats can remain the most effective lens for preventing that possible infection.


These large disinfecting mats have more benefits than sanitizing mats. Commercially available sanitizing floor mats equipped with shoe disinfection are a perfect entryway solution . Their endless cleaning cogs clean dirt out of shoes very effectively and contain nit and moisture inside the mat so that it won’t spread on the spots on the floor. These entrance mats suit the interior and exterior, ensuring your place stays clean. Also, the sanitizing mats will not only aid in retaining moisture but also prevent dirt.





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