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Mexican soups are vibrant and tasty, following traditions with a bright mix of flavors, colors, and smells that transport you to culinary spaces. The lively ingredients of Mexico can be found in the diverse menu options, where the hot and flavorful Mexican soups stand out as bowls of warmth and heritage. 

During this journey, we’ll learn the real essence of Mexican soups by studying their names, recipes, and cultural origins.

Traditional Mexican Soups:

Typical Mexican soups, called “sopas” or “caldos,” are primarily famous for their unique taste and large amounts of wholesome foods. These soups reflect the same multicultural characteristics, combining indigenous products with foods introduced by Spanish conquerors.

Popular Mexican Soup Names:


The Holodeck, one of the most relished Mexican soups, dates from the pre-Columbian period, when it was prepared only for sacred ceremonies. Soup is a staple prepared by cooking hominy or corn in a delicious broth, usually cooked with pork or chicken, for an authentic flavor. The main characteristic of its spicy power is the use of various chili peppers that give the soup a deep and hot taste. The pozole is varied during a celebration or party with colorful cabbage, radishes, onions, and a slice of lemon.

Tortilla Soup (Sopa de Tortilla):

Tortilla Soup, or Sopa de Tortilla, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, soul-warming meals that only Mexican cuisines can offer or bring to the table. Not only is the broth the base of this soup, but we also brought in tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices of different kinds. Last but not least, a beneficial ingredient of the soup is the crispy tortilla strips added to it. Thus, it can be imagined that these are so-called satisfying crunch. The mentioned ingredients, such as avocado, cheese, and lime, provide freshness and flavor. Serving steaming hot tortilla soup is an admired choice that adds fervor and spice to your life.


Menudo, in all its glorious taste, rocks not only for its delicious flavor but also for its famously known curative powers. Locals and visitors have praised this soup for featuring tripe, which is cow’s stomach, that is simmered to tender in the robust broth flavored with chili peppers and onions, and the overall toast of this dish can be attributed to the main ingredients and processing. Empanadas might be the perfect lunch; served with freshly chopped onions, cilantro, lime, and warm tortillas, they make menudo more hearty. It is reckoned to be a potent cure for a hangover and, food-wise, soul-satisfying and comforting to the body.

Caldo de Pollo:

Caldo de Pollo, or chicken soup, is the basis of Mexican eating and is considered a holistic, wholesome combination. It is traditional for people to reach out for this soup whenever they feel unwell. This nourishing soup commences with chicken tenders braised in a golden broth and veggies such as carrots, potatoes, and celery, which give it lengthy flavors. Fresh herbs and spices permeate the soup with the scent of aromatic food, and lime merely completes every sip with its bitter taste. Whether it is a light snack, a cure for the common cold, or our preferred medicine, chicken caldo symbolizes home and a warm hearth where we can feel safe.

Sopa de Fideo:

Sopa de Fideo, which is most likely the pride of Mexican culture, is an example of how things can be outstandingly simple. In this uncomplicated dish, veggie noodles or fideo, are cooked in a tomato-based broth spiced with onion, garlic, and spices. The spaghetti absorbs the broth’s exquisite taste and produces a lovely and happy meal that you can have with utter ease and thrilling enjoyment. A dash of fresh cilantro and a drop of lemon is the secret of recognizable Mexican soul food,sí dios!

In the next part of our exploration, we will learn how to prepare the original soups of Mexican cuisine.

Mexican soups recipes

  1. Pozole Rojo:

Hot dish Pozole Rojo is a spicy soup usually served during holidays and special occasions; it is cooked with hominy corn and tender pork in a red chili broth. Here’s how to make it: Here’s how to make it:


  • 2 lbs/450 gm pork shoulder, cubed.
  • Two cans of hominy corn portioned into 29 ounces each and drained and rinsed.
  • Four dry guajillo chilies, with stems and seeds removed for your recipe.
  • Two removed ancho chili stems and seeds.
  • One onion, chopped
  • Four cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp. dried oregano
  • Salt to taste
  • Toppings: cabbage shreds, red radishes, diced onions, lime wedges, dried oregano, and crushed red pepper.


  1. A large pot over medium heat, filled with water and boiled. On top of the chilies, the water can absorb the flavor. Take the piece out of the heat and leave it like that for 20 minutes.
  2. Put the pork shoulder, onion, garlic, and oregano in a separate pot container. Once the water is boiling, submerge the mushrooms before turning off the heat. Reduce the heat and simmer for 1 hour or until the pork is no longer harsh and tender.
  3. Carefully remove the soaked chilies and put them into the blender. Add water to the cup. Blend until you get a continuous mixture.
  4. Strain the chili gravy into the cooking pot with the cut pork. Further, add the hominy corn, followed by the spices, including salt. Allow the meal to cook for another 30 minutes.
  5. Serve the pozole hot with shredded cabbage, sliced radishes, and red onion on small plates on the side and with some lime wedges, oregano, and red pepper on the side.
  1. Sopa de Tortilla (Tortilla Soup):

Sopa de Tortilla, a soul-satisfying soup, is a delightful blend of crispy tortilla strips in a delicious tomato broth contained in the soup. Here’s how to make it: Here’s how to make it:


  • Six whole corn tortillas, cut into strips.
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • One onion, chopped
  • Two cloves garlic, minced
  • One can (14.5 oz) of diced tomatoes.
  • 6 cups chicken broth
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • The needed salt and pepper amount.
  • Toppings: seven almond, peanut, ripe avocado slices, shredded cheese, chopped cilantro, lime, wedges, and tortilla strips.


  1. Seal and heat an ample pot with the vegetable oil on a medium pan. Fry the tortilla strips until they become crispy; add them. Remove from the pot and separate the ingredients.
  2. Put the onions and garlic, which were previously chopped, in the same pot. Cook until softened.
  3. Add the diced tomatoes and the chicken broth to the pot with ground cumin. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 15 minutes. (no colon)
  4. Use an immersion blender to whip, resulting in a smooth consistency. Use either anal – put the soup in the blender and mix until smooth again and then put it back in the pan.



To summarize, in Mexico, southern soups are much more than meals; they are mirrors reflecting a historical legacy of a cuisine lasting for centuries. Every soup speaks to history, culture, and sustenance, from the bouillon-like flavor of pozole to the more comforting sense of a simple sopa de fide. Whether for a festive event or just a simple time-for-family-to-come-again meal, Mexican soups offer a taste of Mexico’s colorful culinary carpet, inviting all to relish every slurp and celebrate the flavors of tradition.


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