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The Best Time to Start Pest Control Services


Most times, people will start pest control services only after they notice that a pest problem has begun. They will notice roaches scurrying across the floor or ants in the kitchen. They may notice little chew marks on storage boxes in the garage or on wiring in the attic. By this point, the pests are already dug in pretty deep and it will take intensive efforts to eliminate them.

That’s why a pest control company in Rockledge, Florida recently issued this statement: “hiring a pest control company when there appears to be no pests in your home is the best idea. This way you can play more of a defensive game instead of an offensive one. Having a treatment every couple months to prevent pests is preferable to a treatment every week to get rid of them.”

The words they speak are true. This is because once pests have anchored themselves behind your walls and in your crawl spaces, they are much more stubborn and require much more intense efforts to get rid of. These creatures have survived on Earth for millions of years by being natural survivors. They will do everything it takes to avoid being terminated.

The costs of service are way higher when an effort is undertaken to eliminate an existing infestation vs. the costs to prevent one. Roaches, ants, rodents and other pests will fight tooth and nail to stay (sometimes literally).


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DIY Pest Control

Some folks do their own pest control. This usually works if the infestation hasn’t started or is relatively mild. It also requires diligence on the part of the resident. If they forget and skip a treatment or two, that may all a pest needs to take hold. Whereas, a pest control service is regular and they have pest treatments down to a science. They understand that timing is everything.

They also know exactly which kind of treatment to use. They understand where the treatments should be placed. Hundreds of years of pest control efforts are what the professional pest control agent draws on. Proven efforts from years gone by is what the professional pest control agent will use to eliminate the pest problem.


Final Word

If you don’t notice a pest problem in your home then great. You should start now to keep it that way. You can go about it yourself or hire a professional. The service is affordable and will save you money and headache in the long run.


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