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Mompreneur and Baby-wearer


Being a first-time mom is a challenge in itself, but throw in running an e-commerce store, and life becomes a roller coaster of diapers, customer queries, and packing slips. The past four months since the birth of my little one have been a blend of unparalleled joy and utter chaos.

My mornings would start with a barrage of customer emails and baby cries, often in unison. While I had imagined balancing motherhood and my e-commerce business would be seamless, reality painted a different picture. There were times I found myself nursing my baby with one hand and answering customer calls with the other.

One day, as I was packing a shipment, a particularly persistent customer called. “Hi Heather, I ordered the blue scarf, but I received the green one,” she said in a slightly irritated tone.

“I’m so sorry about that,” I replied, trying to keep my composure as my baby gurgled in the background. “I’ll get the right one shipped out to you today.”

As I hung up and went to finish packing, I realized I had momentarily set my baby down. Panic set in as I couldn’t find her amidst the boxes and products. Then, to my amusement and slight horror, I discovered her giggling from inside a shipping box, having the time of her life. I had absentmindedly set her down there! That day, I learned that multitasking had its limits.

As my business grew, so did the complexities of online shopping. There were endless options, and sourcing the right products for my store felt overwhelming. To add to the confusion, there were customer reviews to consider, inventory management, and the ever-present challenge of balancing work with my new role as a mother.

I found solace in social media. Through Instagram and Facebook, I connected with other e-commerce business owners. We’d share tips, review products, and occasionally vent about the challenges of juggling business with parenthood. The genuine feedback from fellow entrepreneurs and the candid discussions on mom groups became my compass in navigating the online market.

One day, amidst these virtual conversations, I stumbled upon the idea of a baby sling. Fellow business owners raved about its efficiency, and mothers showcased its benefits. “Heather, trust me, it’s a lifesaver!” exclaimed one business owner during a Facebook Live session. “You can keep your baby close, and your hands free for packing or typing.”

Searching for the perfect baby sling online felt like diving into an overwhelming sea of choices. Even though I run my own shop, I’m bad at shopping for myself, Late at night, with my baby softly breathing beside me, I’d scroll through pages of slings, each promising to be the ideal companion for a busy mom. There were those made of organic cotton, some from bamboo blends, and others boasting of adjustable straps and intricate patterns. The options seemed endless. I needed simple!


baby sling


Every night, I found myself engrossed in reading reviews, hoping to find some clarity amidst the myriad choices. I even began following mom influencers, eagerly watching their sling demos and noting their personal recommendations. One particular video review from a fellow mompreneur caught my attention. She detailed the sling’s comfort, its versatility, and how it had transformed her daily routine. Her genuine appreciation resonated with me, and her recommendation finally tipped the scales. She was using Hippie Joey. I loved how simple it was, stupid simple. I loved the authenticity of the brand and that they were a premium product made in the US. No sweatshops please!

The journey to finding the right sling was filled with research, but in the end, all that effort ensured that both my baby and I had the best fit for our needs.

And so, I decided to give it a shot. The sling was nothing short of a miracle. With my little one snuggly wrapped against me, I could attend to customers, manage inventory, and even pack shipments with ease. The rhythmic sound of my heartbeat soothed her, and the closeness made our bond even stronger.

In the end, while motherhood and entrepreneurship were both challenging roles, they were also deeply rewarding. With the support of the online community, innovative products like the sling, and a good dose of humor, I learned to navigate the beautiful chaos of being a mompreneur.



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