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ADT Pulse: Enhancing Home Security through Smart Technology

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Keeping up with ADT’s commitment to providing the latest and greatest in home security, we have the ADT pulse. This is a smart home and security solution from ADT that comes with a long list of features and functionality. This article will delve on how the ADT Pulse uses smart home technology to protect your home.

ADT Pulse – An Overview

The ADT pulse is ADT’s answer to combining smart home technology and home security. The core objective of the ADT pulse include:

Being Able To Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

Smart home security system allow you to watch over your home from any corner of the globe. You can check the status of your smart locks and watch live video feeds remotely. If you left for work in a rush and forgot to arm your system or lock your doors – ADT pulse to the rescue!

Home Automation

The ADT pulse acts as a hub for all of your smart home automation. Using it, you can automate your lights, locks, thermostats, cameras, and other smart devices. Creating a ‘work mode’ automation for your home office could include prompts that include:

·        Controlling the lights of your workspace. They can be bright where you sit for clearer visuals during video calls.

·        Having a thermostat that makes the workspace comfortable. The last thing you want is for it to be hot or cold where you work.

·        A do-not disturb mode to minimize recreational notifications during work hours.

·        Having your smart speaker announce important reminders, calendar events, and meetings.

·        Automating smart sockets and power strips around the home to save electricity and prevent short circuits.

Instant Alerts

If, at any time, one of the sensors in your home goes off, a notification is immediately sent to your phone and smartwatch. This lets you know that something isn’t as it should be. ADT gets in touch to confirm if there is danger and unless you tell them everything is fine, a team is dispatched to you.

Important Features & Benefits Of ADT Pulse

It is important to understand that the ADT pulse is a hub for your smart home automation network. Thanks to this, it comes with several functions that enable your smart home security system. This section will touch on the features and benefits of the ADT pulse.

Features Of ADT Pulse

The different features of the ADT pulse include:

·        Being able to remotely arm or disarm your security system

·        Having connected smart cameras that allow you to watch live streams from anywhere in the world

·        Integrating smart locks that can be remotely locked or unlocked

·        Motion sensors that ensure that there isn’t any movement where there shouldn’t be.

·        Smart lights that can be switched on or off, light temperature can be adjusted, and you can schedule times when they’re being used.

·        Smart thermostats can help control the temperature in your homes.

·        ADT Pulse voice control can use Google assistant or Amazon Alexa to use your voice to control your security system.

Benefits Of ADT Pulse

The different benefits of using ADT Pulse include:

·        Convenience of automation across different functions. Your locks, lights, cameras, thermostats, and garage door openers can all be programmed to operate in certain ways at certain times.

·        Energy savings by optimizing your devices to operate efficiently and during off-peak hours as much as possible.

·        An enhanced peace of mind that comes with having ADT pulse in your home. You get the best smart security system, extensive automation, smart alerts, and remote control.

·        Other benefits include remote arming and disarming of your system, smart video surveillance, being able to add several smart home components, voice control, and more.


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ADT Security Plans

If you also want a slice of the ADT cake, there are three ADT security plans to pick from:


ADT Home Security Plan


Plan Price

Equipment Rental Fee*

One-Time Equipment Fee




·        Intrusion detection

·        Touch screen panel

·        Voice control

·        24/7 monitoring

·        Service and repair warranty


Starts at $9.98/mo

$599 at the start




·        All the features of Secure

·        Smart home automation

·        Remote access



Starts at $15.32/mo

$919 at the start




·        All the features of Smart

·        Live HD video

·        Video clip storage



Starts at $17.82/mo

$1069 at the start


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