Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Fashion Trends

10 Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Fashion Trends That Commanded Our Attention In 2021

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Here are 10 Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Fashion Trends That Commanded Our Attention In 2021.

Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Fashion Trends

let’s visit the top 10 Weird & Wonderful Celebrity Fashion Trends 

1. Midriff floss:

 A new term appeared in the fashion glossary this summer. Medium reef thread. Descriptor: A bow-fastening skirt that wraps around the waist to accentuate the upper body. Poster girl: Emily Ratajkowski. Current suppliers for these hip lovers are Christopher Esber (worn by Zendaya above), Spryalere, and Charlotte Beckham, but even Victoria Beckham would have been fascinated by Posh Spice sometime in spring and summer 2021. Expect Hadid and Jenners to floss by next year.

2. Fluffy sandals:

 Sandals got off to a welcoming new start this year. Katie Holmes has chosen to wear Proenza Schouler x Birkenstock Arisonas through winter. Hailey Beaver and Sophie Turner lived in Uggs Oh Yeah and Fluff Yeah sliders, respectively. Meanwhile, the stubborn fashionista “Fakenstock” swore allegiance.

3. Cardigan man:

 Harry Styles independently started a crochet revolution on TikTok after fans started knitting his version in his JW Anderson patchwork cardigan. Timothée Chalamet was quick to join the push of a button in Tom Brown’s duck-print cardigan. But even the joint efforts of the two Generation Z Heartslobs could not overcome the efforts of David Beckham’s knitwear, who became a #cottagecore influencer thanks to a cozy country-casual collection.

4. #PillowChallenge:

  Pillow dress? I said it in 2020. (And no, we’re not talking about the quilting resurgence seen on the Comme des Garcons Spring / Summer 1997 show.) Time Abundance is a host of weird and surprising challenges on social media. That meant we had a round of the Pillow Challenge. In April, Halle Berry took to Instagram to share a fascinating reinterpretation of bedding.

In the photo, Berry has become the dominant champion of the game with a cleverly placed black pillow with a studded belt on the hip. But a few days later, Tracee Ellis Ross stepped in the ring and posted her art photo with her own textured pillow. Anne Hathaway then put two pillows on her upper body instead of one.

5.     Rubber boots:

 Wellington came out of the cold and set foot in all of the top fall/winter 2020 collections. Unsurprisingly, Daniel Lee’s celebrity fan club was intrigued by the fascination of Bottega Paddle’s swag and the Prada girls. Miuccia’s luscious rubber soles were with cute hues. Even the rejections coincided when Hedi Slimane sent a polished, sage-colored slip-on to Celine’s Spring-Summer 2021 catwalk. Resistance is futile and trendy rubber boots are there.

6. Crazy hat:

 Fortunately, the Grammy guests didn’t know that Covid-19 was about to monopolize the headline and only talked about Billy Porter’s electric cap designed by hat maker Sarah Sokol. The poser paired a light blue jumpsuit by Scott Studenberg in Baja East with a fringed hat with a wide brim that had a mechanism to separate the tassel-like a theater curtain at the push of a button. Lil Nas X’s Versace fuchsia look from head to toe features a Medusa embellished cowboy hat with another twisted head.


Elsewhere, prior to the virtual showcase of Central Saint Martins’ alumni collection, Harris Reed created an Instagram filter that allows users to try on his famous flying saucer hat in size. Kaia Gerber, Maggie Rogers, and Jodie Turner-Smith were among the stars who tried it out. “For now, the traditional fashion show is over, so this is a new way to get the voice of the industry, VIPs, and all insiders a part of that experience.”

7. There’s a mask there:

 Billie Eilish wore a jazz face mask embedded in a logo before Covid-19 took root. However, when PSA became the biggest accessory of the year, other stars took notes from the singer’s stylebook and increased his face coverage. At the VMAs, Lady Gaga wore bespoke protective masks for all acting and acceptance speeches (she won five statuettes) and helped personalize them with sequins, gum, and even fangs. “


It was about making a nice statement about the respect for wearing masks,” said Nicola Formichetti, a long-time Gaga employee who cools the PSA with stunning stage wear and told Vogue in England about her mission.

8. Crocodiles:

 In addition to Ugg boots and fluffy flip flops, another Marmite shoe stole many shoes in the spotlight this year: the Crocs. Thanks to the lockdown, the rubber shoes have gained a new fan base, including Justin Bieber, whose collaboration with the brand sold out in 90 minutes. Lyst announced that searches for Crocs on the internet increased 89% in October. This included iterations of tie-dye, camo, and jeweled plugs, and fans enjoyed decorating with the “jibbitz” kitchen.

9.     Normcore-find-sexy outerwear:

 2021 was the year fleece got sexy. Hailey Beaver and Bella Hadid are grateful for some of Rambler’s favorite zips to soft fur zippers. In addition to the funnel neck vest, down jackets have gotten cooler and hiking boots have increased their credibility on the street.

The North Face has grown into an outdoor stealth brand this year as socializing takes place outdoors and people all over the world make smart investments. Forget about normcore. This trend relates to desirable, humble, but inexplicable, outdoor gear.

10. Visible thong:

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and others enthusiastically endorsed the visible thong trend from Naughty, which returned to the Spring / Summer 2021 catwalk this fall. Givenchy’s Versace, Maximilian Davis, and Matthew Williams unleashed the shot, and Christopher John Rogers created a custom Beyonce UK Vogue cover shoot for December 2021.


Kate Moss shows off a hip-hop undercut to mimic the look of the sassy Versace on the cover from January 2021. The girls were there right away. Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa wore baggy jeans and blew a breeze in the summer by showing through the waistband.

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