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Can I permanently get rid of the glasses after Intralase LASIK surgery?

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An Introduction to Intralase LASIK Surgery

Intralase LASIK surgery is proof of the advancement in medical science. Many people use Intralase LASIK to get rid of their glasses and also get rid of them. When we go to a doctor with our eye concerns, it is our doctor’s responsibility to tell us about eye concerns and the procedure to cure them in an exemplary manner. But after going through the process described by the doctor, it is our responsibility to take care of our eyes by following what the doctor suggests after surgery. Such is the case of Intralase LASIK surgery; first, it is our doctor’s responsibility to perform it carefully, but after surgery, it is totally on us to take care of ourselves.

In today’s digital world, when everything is digitalized, and most of our work is done on the screens, it saves time and energy, but it also has its downfall, like many people are facing specific health issues while spending so much time on the screens. Most of these issues concern our eyes, as many people get red eyes, a burning sensation in the regard, and the power is increasing. Eye power is a unit defined to measure the lens’s focusing power required by our eyes. A 20/20 eye power is described to be expected. But when our eye power gets affected, people seek help in many ways. Some go for glasses, some for contact lenses, and some for the ultimate solution, like LASIK surgery.

Things you should do after Intralase LASIK :

  1. Try using protective shields after Intralase LASIK, as they help us by preventing us from touching our eyes frequently and keeping them safe while sleeping.
  2. Maintaining hygiene is very important for the overall body. Washing hands frequently and also cleaning anything that goes anywhere near the eye.
  3. Make sure you wash your face carefully to avoid the eyes.
  4. Minimize going out, and even if you have to go, ensure you take proper care by wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight, as it can cause scarring.
  5. Ensure you frequently blink to avoid dry eye and maintain eye moisture.
  6. Make sure you are taking all your medicine regularly without taking a break. Especially using your eye drops before your eye ointments so the medication can work better and faster. Also, keep your eyes closed for approximately five minutes after eye drops.
  7. Last but not least, take a good amount of rest after the surgery, preferably in a dark room.

Items that we should avoid after the surgery:

  1. Limiting your screen time is crucial; no one should skip this. And if you can avoid it totally after the surgery, that would be more beneficial to your eyes than anything.
  2. Wash your hair carefully and only if necessary for a week after the surgery. Even if you must wash your hair, make sure you face the opposite way, so the water does not come in contact with your eyes.
  3. Avoid going out, go only if necessary otherwise, go out only if necessary, swim for about three weeks, and avoid eye makeup for about a month.
  4. Avoid removing the protective shield too soon after the surgery.
  5. Make sure your eyes do not get in contact with any pollen or dust particles from the air, and even if they get in the eye, try removing them with artificial tears.
  6. Do not rub your eyes as it damages the eye and can lead to an infection.
  7. Do not exercise for at least one week after the surgery; rest and take care of yourselves.

So with the right steps can easily get rid of their glasses after an Intralase LASIK surgery.


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