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Best Indian Web Series on Netflix

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Netflix is a streaming service that provides an extensive library of films, TV shows, and documentaries. Netflix India Originals are web series that have been produced specifically for the Indian market. The platform has a huge variety of content including films and TV shows in various languages.

Indian web series on Netflix is a great way to get your fix of new movies and television shows. These original productions are usually shot in India and are available in English as well as in your native language. You can watch any one of them at any time. There are many new releases every month, and the selection is constantly expanding. If you want to watch a new show, you can subscribe to one on Netflix and start watching immediately.


indian web series on netflix

There are several Indian web series on Netflix that you can watch. Kaafir is one of the most recent releases. The story revolves around a woman who is declared a militant on the Indian side of the border. While imprisoned, she gives birth to her child and almost gives up on her dream of going home. Vedant Rathod, a lawyer turned journalist, learns about Kainaz’s story and is determined to bring justice to her.


Another popular Indian web series on Netflix is Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. This satire series features some of the best actors in Indian theater. It is an excellent choice for fans of satire, comedy, and urban settings. It will have you watching multiple episodes without the risk of losing interest. There are many other great options too, including dramas and romantic comedies. You’re sure to find something that appeals to you!


For something different, try “Prayaag Akbar.” This seven-episode web series stars Kunaal Roy Kapur. The series follows a man who takes a dig at himself and discovers his own inner strength and awareness. This series has a strong political undertone and makes for a great watch. It is an excellent way to catch up on the latest TV shows, as it is free and available to everyone.


Viral Fever” is a great example of a great Indian web series. It was ahead of its time when it was released in 2015 and is still a popular choice today. It has a futuristic plot that combines the hopes and dreams of young Indians with the power of brands. If you’re looking for some new shows to watch, check out these four. It’s easy to find some gems on Netflix.


“Sima Taparia” is another highly recommended Indian web series on Netflix. In this show, a young woman is hired by a wealthy family to find the right match for their child. The couple lives together in lavish houses and a lavish society, but the conflict is still very real. The protagonists are a misfit group of people, but the story is not entirely realistic. It’s very entertaining and a good choice for a family.


Sacred Games is another highly acclaimed Netflix show. This horror-themed series was the first to be produced in India and stars Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. Unlike other international shows on Netflix, Sacred Games is a unique experience. Whether you want to watch a gangster movie or a comedy, this Indian web series will satisfy your craving for quality entertainment.


A few of the most popular Indian web series on Netflix include Sacred Games and Ajnara. It is a thriller with good acting and an interesting storyline. In addition to the three main characters, the other popular shows on Netflix are about women who have escaped from oppressive situations in the past. Regardless of the genre, you’ll probably find a show that you’ll love.


Sacred Games is a popular web series that is available on Netflix. It is a great show with good actors and a layered storyline. If you’re looking for a good Indian web series on Netflix, Sacred Games season 2 is definitely worth a look. It has a rich cast of characters, and it’s easy to see why it is such a hit. In addition to being a great option for streaming movies, Sacred Games is also available on Netflix and is a must-see.


The first season of Asur is a mythological web series that has been shown on the US and in India. It follows the life of a priest, who is suddenly killed in front of his teenage son. A forensic expert is called in to investigate the death and determine who committed it. The supernatural forces are the reason for the cold-blooded murder. This show has a great cast of characters.


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