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6 Basic Maintenance Steps to Follow for Your Sewing Machine

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A sewing machine is a prized investment. So, whether you are planning to use it every day or once in a while, make sure you take good care of the equipment. Undoubtedly, like your home appliances the sewing machine also requires preventive maintenance. A majority of problems arising in the machines are due to improper care and lack of routine maintenance.

Do you want to make sure that you get the most out of your sewing machine? Nothing less than regular maintenance would help in that case. These machines come with several complex features and are delicate. But a little bit of care can add more years to the machine and let you stitch smoothly without frequent repairs.

Here are 6 basic maintenance steps to follow for your sewing machine Kelowna and keep it in great shape.

How to add years to your sewing machine with these basic maintenance steps?

1.     Store the machine properly

Have you been using Janome sewing machines Canada? But when you are not using it for stitching, store it in a place devoid of moisture and make sure it is not too hot. Exposing the machine to high temperatures and humidity may not allow it to work properly when you need it the most. Extreme temperatures combine with lint and oil create crud on the moving parts of your machine. Chances are that the metal parts may even corrode. Store the sewing machine in a cabinet meant for it under controlled temperatures. Make sure the cabinet is sturdy enough to bear its weight.

2.     Changing the needles

If you are the one to run a tailoring shop, you will naturally have a couple of Janome sewing machines in your store or even more. But have you ever wondered how much your needle needs to work to allow you to keep the commitments to customers? Constant usage reduces the functionality of the needles and eventually makes them dull. While experts recommend changing the needles every eight or nine hours, you should try to replace them once every fortnight at least.

3.     Clean and oil the machine regularly

Dust and lint build-up in the bobbin case is not uncommon. You may also notice a similar thing in the thread lever. The best way to avert problems in the machine is to clean and oil it properly. But do not rush when oiling the machine as you may end up causing more damage to it. Use a soft brush to clean the machine and above all, follow the instruction manual. When it comes to the oiling part, avoid putting oil on the moving parts of the machine. Do not apply excess oil wherever you need to. Just two drops of it would suffice to allow the moving gears to function effectively. However, not all sewing machines require oiling. So, you need to check the manual first or visit Linda’s Quit Shoppe, the largest in the Okanagan Valley where experts will guide you about maintaining the sewing machine.

4.     Use compressed air for lint removal

Cleaning the machine once you complete a project is the right way to go. Even though using high-quality and new threads minimises lint build-up but cannot eliminate the problem. That is why you must use compressed air to remove thread and lint from the bobbin, and the tension discs. However, remember to use the compressed air can cautiously and ensure that the nozzle is about four inches away from the machine. That way, you won’t let moisture pervade the machine parts and keep the machine intact.

5.     Pull the bobbin thread up before you start stitching

When you are stitching on the sewing machine, the bobbin and the upper thread needs to work together for the stitches to form on the fabric. Before using the machine, make sure you pull the bobbin thread up a little for proper functionality. You just have to grab the bobbin thread and pull it up before you start stitching again.

6.     Calling the professionals

You indeed need to oil and clean the machine regularly as part of preventive maintenance. But to keep your Janome sewing machines in top shape, a professional service once a year should do well. A professional service person will have more knowledge to adjust the tension and timing. Moreover, the finesses with which they conduct the cleaning regime truly extend the life of your machine.

Maintaining the cleaning machine is not a task that you do often. But when you do, your machine may have already incurred heavy damage. When you buy a sewing machine for sale from a store, remember that only regular and preventive maintenance adds years to its life. You can also get a brand-specific technician to conduct the maintenance more effectively.


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