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Tips for organizing “drawer storage” that tends to be confusing

Organizing Tips

Here are Tips for organizing “drawer storage” that tends to be confusing

It’s a very handy storage drawer for hidden storage, but if you put it incorrectly you may not know what’s inside and the drawer may not open.

So this time, by using an example of how I can improve drawer storage in my home, I am presenting tips and points for organizing “drawer storage” that are difficult to understand.


Determine the “theme” of each drawer:

A common pattern for drawers is “push right without deciding what to use”.

Then something is added that you don’t understand and eventually you get confused.

To avoid this, it is important to have a theme for each drawer!

In the example above, the albums, cables, nail clippers, earplugs, Tomica (laughs), etc. were originally packed nonsensically, but they were in the drawer that held gadgets like remote controls, label markers, and cables. .. After I made up my mind, it was pretty good.

Even though I didn’t get it, I decided to use it as a “camera accessory drawer” and separate it into the camera body and accessories and store them neatly.

I got lost asking myself “Where is the charger for this camera?” But now I’m not lost!

Pack small things in a suitcase

This is before and after tools and medicines are stored in my home.

I moved it to a living room cabinet that was packed in a small drawer. Commonly used batteries are stored in boxes like 100 and classified by type, which makes inventory management easier.

The tools are neatly stowed in the steel toolbox in the foreground.


Then take it out of the box and store it in a cigarette case or zipper case, depending on the purpose.

Placing smaller items in the case and attaching a label makes it easier to understand the contents.

Divide the “direction of things” to determine

This is before and after the work table in the nursery.

It was tedious because my son placed it correctly, but I used a divider plate to divide it into small pieces and organize it.

The most important thing about drawer storage is creating a “direction of things”. Once you’ve decided what and where to put it, you can undo it if your child carries it.


Organize drawers:

                                                   It’s easy to put things in a drawer, close it and forget about them.

However, it’s common for drawers to fill up and not close (which can be damaged) or be cluttered and not finding anything.

It is very important that all drawers are in a pristine and tidy place. If you know where things are going, the more likely you’ll put them there.

Another great benefit of organizing your drawers is that it is very easy to gain. When you look at them and see how happy and calm everything is, you will feel inspired and full of energy. Then you can come up with the idea of ​​organizing more rooms in your home!


How to organize your clothes in the drawer:

                                                                                                                 A well-organized drawer doesn’t just provide additional space. They also hold your clothes better. When properly stored, it will not stretch or wrinkle. Have you ever hung a shirt behind a drawer and felt it tear? Not good.

Keeping your drawers tidy also protects your furniture. Overloaded drawers can break.


There are three ways to organize your drawers, all of which help create an enviable space.

1. Roll the clothing so that it is snug:

                                                                                     One way to double the storage space in your drawer is to roll up your shirt. This is a really simple technique, and it can also be used when you are trying to pack a lot of clothes into a small suitcase.

The only downside to this method is that it can wrinkle. However, there are other ways to fold clothes to save space and avoid wrinkles.


2. Create a DIY drawer divider:

                                                                         If you’re struggling with too much drawer space, use the drawer organizer to keep everything in place.


3. Sort by color:

                                     After you’ve folded all of your clothes and created separate rooms for each category, it’s time to sort them by color.


How to organize your kitchen drawers

This is a way to completely organize and organize your kitchen drawers.

1. Use a small box:

                                                   The first thing you can do to organize your kitchen drawers is to use a small box on top.

Sort your cookware and utensils into separate boxes.

This cuts the time it takes to clean, and when you need to clean, all you have to do is take out one box at a time.

2. Use drawer dividers:

                                                             If you don’t have enough space to store a small box, you can always use the drawer dividers.

3. Stack dishes in deep drawers:

                                                                                    Consider converting the cabinet into a pot or pan, plastic container or lid, or even a large drawer for a plate or bowl.

If you are upgrading your kitchen to add deeper drawers, you will need to add some dividers to avoid further melting.


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