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10 best housekeeping tips and tricks to make your home shine


Here are the 10 best housekeeping tips and tricks to make your home shine


1.Clean the extractor:

                                                            If your bathroom exhaust vent is clogged with dust, try a faster, more efficient method than vacuuming. How to clean the bathroom fan: Turn on the fan and blow out the dust with “compressed air”. The fan blows out the dust. It also works with the reverse grill in a central heating / cooling system. Operate the system so that the return air flow can transport the dust to the filter. Canned air can be found in hardware stores, hardware stores, and usually in equipment aisles. Note: In addition to air, cans also contain chemical propellants. Don’t let the children play.


2. Hit the carpet and give it a shake:

                                                                                                    However, go out three to four times a year for more complete cleaning and dusting methods. Hang it on a fence or clothesline and hit it with a broom or tennis racket. A good faucet removes a lot more dust than a vacuum cleaner. Take a small rug outside to shake it vigorously every week.


3. Does an air purifier reduce dust formation?

                                                                                                                            An effective air filter removes large and small particles from the room air. In this room, you can relieve allergy and asthma symptoms and even reduce the smell of smoke and food. But don’t expect it to be free from your dusting obligations. The air purifier is dimensioned so that it filters a small area so that only a small part of the dust from the stable air reaches the device.


In order for the air purifier to really affect the total dust content, one unit is required per room. Buy an air filter from Amazon. Be careful about cleaning your air conditioner while talking about the value of an air purifier, it’s easier than you think.


4. Throw your carpet:

                                                 In most households, carpets are by far the largest dust collector. It’s a great source of fiber and absorbs dust like a big sponge. Even the floor cushion holds back dust that floats in the air with every step. Removing the rug over the wall may seem radical, but it’s the best thing you can do if you have a severe allergy. To remove dust from the air, it is recommended that the carpet be replaced with a hard floor such as laminate, wood, or tile and that it be regularly cleaned with a mop (with a microfiber cloth) rather than cleaning. Sweeps remove dust rather than remove it. Do you want to keep it Here are some carpet cleaning tips to help your carpet last longer.


5. Dust in the dryer:

                                            Blankets, pillows, non-slip covers, curtains and other textiles not only trap house dust, they generate it when they fall and collapse. Curtains, in particular, absorb moisture and dirt from the outside and serve as landing spots for dust from ceiling fans and ventilation slots, which creates more dust. The best idea for dusting is to buy a machine-washable item and wash it twice a year (at least once is fine).


Place non-machine washable items in a tumble dryer on an air lint (no heat) setting with a damp towel for 20 minutes. A damp towel attracts animal hair, and the twisting motion and airflow remove small particles. Keep towels out of the way with the space-saving towel holder on the cabinet door.


6. Weekly change of linen:

                                                                         Your comfortable bed is a great diffuser of dust. Bedding gathers flakes of skin, removes unique fibers, and removes dust every time it is turned over. Wash sheets and pillowcases weekly to minimize the consequences. Items that cannot be machine washed do not need to be dry cleaned every week.


Just take out the blanket and bedspread and shake them. You can remove some dust from the pillow, but for a more thorough cleaning, please wash or clean the pillow. Do not cause a sandstorm when changing sheets. Carefully roll up the old blade and unfold the new blade. Even clean litter loses fibers. Washing your bedclothes weekly can also help spot pests like bed bugs.


7. Synthetic soap simplifies bathroom cleaning:

                                                                                                                                Chemically speaking, some soaps are not real soaps. Liquid or gel soaps, and some bars of soaps, such as grated and ivory, are synthetic soaps. These soapy soaps are much less likely to form a horrible layer of hard slag in your sink or tub, allowing you to clean your home quickly.


8. Purify the air while cleaning the house:

                                                                                                              The stirring brush and the exhaust gases from the vacuum cleaner collect dust and eventually settle on the freshly cleaned surface. Set the thermostat to “Fan On” to remove dust before it settles. This turns on the fan in the oven and filters the air even if the system is not heating up or cooling down. After cleaning, leave the fan on for about 15 minutes to remove dust from the air. But don’t forget to switch it back to “automatic”. Most fans are not designed to run all the time.


9. Removes heavy dirt:

                                                            There is a glass shower door in the bathroom, and if you don’t continue cleaning, the soapy water can become very hard and almost impossible to remove. Here’s a better way to keep your bathroom clean: Take out the heavy equipment. Get the abrasive from a hardware store or auto parts store and use an automatic polisher to remove annoying slag. If you don’t have a buffer, you can buy it for just $ 20 or borrow it from a gearhead friend. If possible, remove the door and take it to the garage so as not to ruin the bathroom.


10. Filling of the worktop gap:

                                                                                            If crumbs of bread, paper, or even dishes fall into the space between the counter and the refrigerator, fill it with an almost invisible plastic tube. Clear tubes are available from 1/8 inch at home improvement stores and will help you clean your home quickly by eliminating the need to look for crumbs.

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